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CALIFORNIAN: Botti leaves good ‘Impressions’ on stage and record

By JIM DAIL For The Californian

For someone who spends 300 days a year on the road, is one of the most popular jazz artists in the field, and puts on one of the most well-received live performance shows in music, it’s almost hard to believe that Chris Botti still does not feel he has it down.

“It really is an ongoing process,” said Botti, who will perform June 3 at Thornton Winery as part of the 2012 Champagne Jazz Concert Series. “It’s all about presenting a good show to an audience.”

Part of his drive to perfect his shows has to do with his time watching others on the stage.

“I saw how Sting crafted his show when I was performing with him,” he said. “And I saw Sinatra and remember seeing the way he worked chat into the act and connected with the audience. Don Rickles does the same thing, and I’m a huge fan of his. He is incredible the way he interacts with an audience.”

As he reflects on his career to this point, Botti believes the show is the key.

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